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The next few days saw Rose getting sicker and sicker as Kael and Aedan continued to drug her. Every comedown was worse and worse and it seemed to look like she would never get better. They continued the use of the drug at least once a day to keep her calm and unstressed about spending time away from the Doctor.

And she barely ever saw the Doctor— Only when she was sober enough to beg Kael for just a little bit of time. He was sweet, despite his misguided ways, and often took her downstairs to spend a few minutes with the Time Lord.

But bother men— Despite Rose trying to explain to Kael where she had really come from— Seemed to be convinced the Doctor had an abusive, telepathic hold over her. Which led to today, when Rose was drugged, leashed, and led out to their care to bring her to a profession bondbreaker.

Bonds like these were common among the slightly-telepathic humans of this era— A trait evolved to help communication when they were kept as pets. While typically humans were allowed to take a mate, they usually were not allowed to bond due to the permanence of the action.

However, that’s where the bondbreaker came in. They would delve into the human’s mind and sever the link. Nine times out of ten, it was successful, with only minor memory loss or personality changes. Other times, it was akin to a lobotomy, completely severing the human’s free will and personality.

There was no telling what it had done to Rose, though, as she was still out cold when they got home.

Rose may have been drugged and calm and unstressed most of the time, but the Doctor certainly wasn’t. He spent most of his time pacing the basement, anxious and just all around unhappy as he tried to plot an escape. They needed to get out of there.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to manage it before they brought her to the bond breaker.

That scared him more than anything Any telepathic worth their pay would be able to tell right away that there was no bond between the Doctor and Rose, but could these men even afford someone who would be good enough to tell right off? Or would they have to go mucking around in her mind? And what would happen then?

The second the Doctor heard the car in the driveway he was right there, pounding on the locked door. “Open up! I wanna see her!”

It took a few, but finally the door flew open. It was Kael, looking rather unhappy. “Shut up. She’s sleeping,” he informed the Doctor harshly.

"I don’t care. I want to see her."

No. She won’t want to see you when she wakes up. You don’t have any power left over her.”

And with that he gave the Doctor a hard shove before slamming the door in his face. Thankfully the Time Lord caught himself before he went tumbling down headfirst.

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Drugged as she was, Rose didn’t feel the overwhelming wave of shame and humiliation she normally would have at wearing a collar and a lead like a bloody dog.

"I don’t understand." Rose said simply, trying to make sense of her addled thoughts, "The Doctor’s my friend… He would never, ever hurt me… He’s just tryin’ to keep me safe… Why can’t he come stay up here with us…?"

She stumbled after Kael as he tugged on the leash, frowning.

"She should sleep with us tonight. I don’t trust if I don’t know exactly where she is all the time. Who knows if she’s gonna try and run off or he’s gonna try and come up here." Aedan frowned, glaring at the basement.

"I know, I know. Look, we’ll make the appointment to break her bond today— Maybe for a few days from now just to make sure she’s not sick anymore… How’s that sound?"

"The sooner the better," Aedan muttered, shooting a look at the basement door. He couldn’t imagine letting this go on any longer. Rose needed to be away from that beast.


"Come on." Kael tugged Rose into the kitchen, tying her to the kitchen cabinet so she couldn’t run away again. "Let’s have lunch. I’m hungry."

"And then we make the appointment," Aedan said stubbornly. He wanted the Doctor out of the house.


"As soon as we finish eating, but I’m starving. Come on."

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"Doctor…" Rose called weakly, as she was shoved from the basement, with Aedan locking the door firmly behind them.

"Please don’t hurt me… Please…" She begged softly, as Aedan shouted at her, cornering her into the wall. She closed her eyes, trying to make sense of her swirling brain.

"Well, we have to punish her, or she’s gonna think this behavior is okay." Aedan went on, grabbing Rose by her hair, "She can’t get away with this kind of behavior."

"You can’t hit her, though, you can’t control yourself. Remember that scar you left on Princess before we had her put down? I can’t let you do that to Rose, she’s too pretty." Kael argued.

"Well then, how’re we gonna punish her? Because we have to."

Kael sighed as he went to get Rose’s collar and leash, walking over and carefully easing her hair out of Aedan’s grip.

"I’m sorry sweetheart, but he’s right." He hooked her up as he spoke. "You have to be punished. No meals for the rest of the day, and no wandering around and no playing. You have to stay with us."

He gave the leash a tug, pulling her out of the corner and shot Aedan a look. “Punishment enough?”

Aedan pressed his lips thin, considering it. “Fine. But if she does it again we’ll have to get rougher.”

"You can’t completely blame her. It’ll all be better once we put that beast down."

"And in the mean time we need to teach her to stay away from him.”

"That’s what we’re doing. It’s not going to happen overnight, just give it time."

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"I’m not gonna go back upstairs until I get what I want." Rose said, matter of fact as she ground her hips against his, "And if you don’t want me… Then fine, say it… But if you then what’s the problem…?"

She grabbed his hands, placing them on her breasts, encouraging him to give them a squeeze.

"C’mon, Doctor… If you want it, just take it." She leaned in again to kiss him fiercely, just as the door swung open to reveal Kael and Aedan.


Kael gasped, and Rose turned, glassy eyes wide in alarm. She began to panic, but didn’t move, only to leave Aedan to drag her bodily off the Doctor. She went calmly, too scared for her own health.

"Bad girl! What the hell do you think you were doing?!"

"Don’t you touch her!" The Doctor snarled, pushing himself up the best he could, one hand clutching his side as he stumbled to try and grab Rose back.

Of course, Kael was right there to stop him, grabbing him and slamming against the wall.

"You stay the hell away from her," the man snarled, kneeing the Doctor in the stomach. He went down of course, gasping for breath.

Aedan, meanwhile, dragged Rose upstairs, shoving her away from the basement door. “Bad girl, bad!” He rebuked her angrily. “You’re not supposed to go near him!”

"It’s not her fault," Kael said, disgusted, as he made his way upstairs. He looked furious.

"She went down there, Kael."

"She’s messed up. She doesn’t know what she wants."

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"I don’t care… Doctor, I really don’t care… I wanted this— I’ve wanted you… For what… Bloody hell, it seems like forever." She nibbled on his earlobe, pushing gently, as if not to aggravate his injuries, but enough to get him to the floor.

It was true, she’d wanted him for ages… And finally she was inebriated enough to do it.

"C’mon, Doctor, less talkin’, more feelin’…" Rose purred, pressing a searing, but clumsy kiss to his lips.

"You’ve been so protective lately… Takin’ shots for me… Not lettin’ go of me… Protectin’ me from them…" Rose murmured, in between kisses, as she moved to straddle his hips. Her lips found his neck, nibbling hard enough to leave a mark.

"Don’t ya know how dead sexy that makes ya?”

"Rose…Rose no…"

Blimey she wasn’t listening. Getting him on the floor wasn’t that hard — he was hurt, after all — but he certainly wasn’t happy to be down there.

She wasn’t going to listen to him if he was on the floor.

"Rose I’m doing all of this to keep you safe.” His voice was weak, the argument quickly leaving him, especially as she bit his neck. Damn it he was only so strong…

"Rose you need to go back upstairs now. Maybe you don’t think you’ll regret it right now but you will, I promise. Please, I don’t want you to be upset…”

And she would be — she’d be absolutely mortified when she was back in her head. And he hated the thought of that.

He was trying to save her from any further humiliation.

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"So what… I do want this… I want you…" Her hands ghosted down his arms, pressing herself up against him. "If I go back up there they’re gonna… Do things to me. And I’d rather do things to you." 

She reached down, giving his bum a gentle squeeze before giggling.

"C’mon, Doctor… I see you lookin’ sometimes. It’s okay… I like it when you look…" She nuzzled his neck, pressing her bare chest gently into his.

“‘S okay… Just lay back and get comfy. I wanna make you feel good.” Rose purred. Of course, if she had any idea how reidiculous she was being, she would be mortified. And yet here she was, mibbling on his collarbone and pressing up against him.

"What’s wrong?" She asked, "Don’t you want me…?"

And she punctuated that with a firm kiss to his lips.

"Rose I-aaay!"

He gave a small yelp as she squeezed his bum. Oh blimey that that was dignified. “Rose, this is the drug talking.” She’d be horrified when she came down from the high in a few hours. “It’s just the drug. You’re not in your right mind right now.”

He grabbed her cheeks carefully, tilting her head up to meet his eyes. “Whether I want this — you — or not doesn’t matter right now. It can’t happen. Not like this.”

Not while she was drugged and making really bad choices. It wouldn’t even be consensual, and she would hate herself afterwards.

And that wasn’t how the Doctor would want their first time (hypothetically) to be.

"Please, you have to listen to me. Try to think past the drug. You know I’m right."

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"Don’t wanna…" Rose grinned, shirking off the blanket he’d given her, letting it fall, useless, to the floor, "Wanna stay here with you… Missed you…"

It her drugged state, it seemed like a good idea to try and seduce the Doctor. After all, she’d stopped denying to herself that she loved him, and she was pretty sure he loved her, too.

Or at least, she was convinced of it in her drunken state.

"Don’t wanna be up there with them. Wanna be down her with you… Alone….” She purred, stroking his cheek clumsily. 

"Don’t care if they catch me… Don’t want them…" She leaned in, hands resting on his bare hips, lips finding his neck to leave soft, warm kisses.

"Want you.”


Needless to say the Doctor was stunned, especially when she started kissing him. Or his neck, at least. “Rose, you’re drugged,” he said gently, resting his hands on her shoulders and gently pushing her away. “You’re drugged. You don’t want this.”

Of that much he was absolutely sure.

"Come on." He knelt down, wincing a bit, and picked up the blanket, bringing it back up to secure around her shoulders. "I miss you too. But I don’t want them to get angry." They’d proven how dangerous they were when they were angry. It scared the Doctor a bit.

"You have to go back upstairs. I know you don’t want to, but it’s for the best right now."

He shuddered to think what sending her back up in this state would be like, though. She was completely drugged, who knew what they would do to her.

But was it any worse then them beating her if they caught her here?

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Stretching out, enjoying the affection due to the drug beating through her system, Rose gave a soft purr, nuzzling Aedan’s hand.

“‘Kay. Have fun…” She murmured, looking, for all intents and purposes, like she was about to take a nap. However, the second Aedan left the room, Rose was up.

She crept quietly, albeit wobbly, to the basement, slowly opening the unlocked door.

"Doooooooctor…." She sing-songed softly, as she made her way down the stairs, leaving her towel behind her and exposing herself in all her naked glory.

Dooooctor, I’ve missed you…”

The Doctor was laying on the floor, staring at the ceiling and wondering how long it would take his rib to heal. Even if it healed wrong (which there was almost no way it wouldn’t), a poorly healed rib was better than a completely broken one digging at his lungs and organs.

It was sad what silver linings consisted of sometimes.

At the sound of Rose’s voice he shot up, eyes wide. He could tell right off she’d been drugged again.


"Rose, sh,” he said urgently, grabbing a blanket and hurrying to her (ignoring the burning pain in his chest). “What are you doing?” He whispered, wrapping the blanket around her. “If they catch you down here…”

Either they would blame him and beat him or Rose would take the brunt of the punishment. Either way he wasn’t taking that chance.

"Go back upstairs. Please."

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"He… He doesn’t hurt me…" Rose murmured, as if drunk, but awake. And yet still, under the influence of the drug, she maintained her loyalty to the Doctor.


I love him…

But yet, she was responsive to Aedan petting her hair, gently humming slightly as he stroked her hair, leaning into the touch. 

"Mmm… Bye." She murmured to Kael as he kissed her forehead, lacking the fight to argue with his touch.

Despite the fact that her internal self was screaming— This is bad! You don’t want this! Don’t let them touch you! —Her outward drugged self was perfectly pleased in the moment, lacking the facilities to argue.

"Mmm… Okay…" She explained to Aedan, leaning into his touch…

Which of course led to him stroking down her neck, cupping her breast and tweaking her nipple gently— Mostly to get her used to the sensation. And let her know who she truly belonged to.

"That’s my girl…"

"See?" Aedan kissed her forehead gently, just ask Kael had done, but his lips moved downward, against her neck, along her collar bone. "See, you like it. It’s better when he isn’t in your head to tell you otherwise, isn’t it?"

That was the only explanation. The drug must have blocked the Doctor out, making it possible for what Rose really wanted to get through.

Of course she wanted them. They were her owners. And they were good owners, they tried to take care of her. There were so many worse people she could have gone to.

Or hell, she could have been stuck out in the wild with her abuser forever.

That certainly would have been worse.

"Now, why don’t you lay here and relax?" Aedan said as he petted her once more, hand running down her back, along her spine. "I’m gonna go make lunch." He and Kael hadn’t eaten since breakfast, with all the excitement. "I’ll be back soon."

The don’t go to the basement was implied, but Aedan didn’t think he had to actually say it out loud. After all why would she go running back to her abuser now that she was temporarily free? 

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"—No it won’t!!" Rose carried on, feeling the initial effects of the drugs working through her system, calming her, relaxing her nerves. "You know this makes me sick… Don’t touch me…"

Even now, her protests were weaker, the concentrated drug slinking through her system.

She tore away from Kael’s hand/ That gesture was only ever okay when the Doctor did it. Only the Doctor.

"Please…" Rose protested weakly, with the last of her resolve, "Just let me sleep downstairs…"

"Sssshhhhh," Kael coaxed again as the fight finally left her. "It’s okay. We’re going to fix this. We’re not going to let him hurt you anymore."

Aedan sighed as he reached out, petting Rose’s hair absently. “He’s really done a number on her. Do you think they’ll be able to fix it?”

"Oh I’m sure. Ailbhe’s told me about some awful ones, so screwed up they couldn’t even sleep without their mate’s permission. But they’ve fixed those ones. And she’s not nearly as bad.” Kael was confident in that. “Hey, we’re almost out of food, I’m gonna run to the store. Keep an eye on her, make sure she doesn’t get downstairs.”

"Of course."

Kael leaned in, kissing Rose’s forehead. “See you soon, sweetheart.”

And then he was gone. Aedan smiled sweetly as he brushed his fingers across Rose’s cheek. “How ya feelin’, sweetheart?” 

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