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She was a little confused by that ‘have’, but before her mother could say anything a couple of maids arrived in a hurry, talking about a ruined curtain.

"I’ll take it from here," she told her mother with a smile, taking the Doctor’s arm again, "We do have seven dwarfs in the family, that’s right! They are pretty much my uncles, they were friend with my mother before I was born, when she still was a bandit. I can see why you’d be surprised by it, you don’t see dwarfs in a ballroom often… Not that they actually dance… Well, uncle Happy does, but only when he drinks enough for it," she giggled, thinking of the horrible moments lived after uncle Grumpy had shared his rum. 

The servants were also running around in the kitchen to get everything ready, but immediately smiled and greeted her when she walked in. 
"Don’t mind us, just stealing a pie!" 
"Granny left a chocolate one here, Emma!" called Lotte, pointing at it before fretting towards the fire.
"Thank you, dear! Oh, I knew I could count on her!" she grinned, letting go of him to take the plate and what they might need. "Sir Doctor, what would you like to drink with it? We have everything!" 


The Doctor was working very, very, very hard not to burst out laughing. Snow White had dwarfsSeven of them! This was more than just fairy tale land, it was practically a dream come true! How was this even possible?

He was grinning despite himself as he walked along with Emma, and they made their way into the kitchen. “Oooooooh, chocolate pie!” He said happily, examining the pie on the plate Emma had grabbed. “Sounds delicious!”

At her question he looked around. “Eeeer, if someone could just direct me to the right stuff I’d like to make a cup of tea—”

"Oh nonsense sir!" One of the staff waved him off. "We’l happily make it for you!"

"Oh that’s alright…" He hated being waited on. But they were already getting to work.

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Time Lords at Play 


Neri laughed and shook her head slightly. The Doctor’s hair was definitely one of his best features. Though she was attracted to much more than just that. Even if she did tease him every so often that she only liked the hair. And the suits.

A yawn escaped her mouth when she tried to answer him. “I think a bit of a nap might be more necessary after walking through this garden.” Sleep became more of a necessity since becoming pregnant than it had been before. “These two really take a lot out of me.”

The Doctor smiled as he wound an arm around Neri’s shoulders, letting her lean on him as they walked along. “A nap is good too.” Not that he napped much even when she did — he just laid awake watching her and planning what they were going to do when the babies were born.

It was a good way to spend time though. “If you’re feeling too tired I’m sure the TARDIS won’t mind bringing the door around so we can get out now. Don’t want to wear yourself out.”

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Nine is for Amateurs 


Darkness. That was all she could see. Just plain, black nothingness. Most people would be scared, frightened that maybe their time had come. Perhaps they had finally made it to hell. She was stationary, just floating in oblivion. The first time this had happened she had been terrified, absolutely petrified that she’d be stuck there forever and that was what awaited everyone after their life was over. But that was only the first time. The second time hadn’t been as frightening and even less when the third time around. By about the twentieth time, it was child’s play. Much like sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. She lost count at fifty two.

Cold. It was very cold in her waiting room. The lack of warmth was startling, especially during the summer. The absence of heat was unnerving, nearly leaving her shock. Her whole body from the inside out turned so cold she couldn’t feel an inch of it. It was as if only her mind existed, as if the rest of her wasn’t even there. And perhaps it wasn’t.

Dead. That was what she was. Dead. Her heart was not beating, so she supposed that was what you’d call such a state that she was undergoing. She wasn’t very sure what to call it. Usually when people died, they stayed dead. Yet this girl, the ancient young woman, never could stay dead. There had been times where she had wished that she would—that she could—but she had abandoned that frame of mind centuries ago. What was the point? There was none.

So it happened as it always did. She died. And then she waited. Floating in the empty space, she was completely calm. How she died this time, she wasn’t too sure, though she was quite positive it had been very painful judging by the pain she’d felt before she lost all feeling in her body. As she waited, she thought idly about what could have happened this time. So many possibilities in such an ever-changing and expanding world. So many ways to die.

There was an old wife’s tale that cats had nine lives. At this particular moment, the woman couldn’t help but find that funny. Humans thought nine lives was so many, but really the truth is that nine is for amateurs. Why have just nine when you could have an infinite number? Sure, she wasn’t exactly positive that her number of lives were endless, but having lived over six times the normal human lifespan, she figured she’d lived a very full life.

And just like that, the waiting was over. There was a flash of intense heat, scorching her to the very bone, accompanied by a blaze of blinding white light, and then she was seeing and feeling again. And feeling pain, too. Upon awaking, she gasped, flying into an upward sitting position. In doing so, she had hit her head on something she had not known was there before. Her first thought was that she’d been moved, but not a moment later things came into focus and she heard someone’s protest, whether of surprise or pain she was not sure.

With one hand clutching her forehead and the other her gut, she looked around—and came to see a very skinny man. She looked at him for a moment and then she just looked down at her wound. She lifted her shirt a little to examine it. It was mostly healed now, just a thin silvery scar. Judging by the wound pattern and the shape, she would bet that she was— “Stabbed. Brilliant. I just love being stabbed to death.”

The TARDIS took the Doctor where he needed to be.

That was a long-standing fact, and the Doctor had come to accept and expect it. He almost never ended up where he needed to be. It was awful, especially when he had somewhere he wanted to go and the TARDIS insisted on pitching him headfirst into the console. But he had accepted it.

Still, it was an absolute pain when he was suddenly dragged off course one day when he was trying to go to Barcelona for cake.

"Oi, oi, oi — okay, fine, you do that then!" The Doctor called as the TARDIS pulled them along. "You know everyone once in a while if you could just ask, that would be brilliant. Just brilliant. You know, just a thought.”

The TARDIS didn’t respond, of course — just continued dragging him along like a dog on a leash. Sometimes he felt like a pet.

They landed with a thud, and the Doctor sighed as he leaned on the console for a moment, taking a deep breath before he grabbed his coat and walked outside.

The TARDIS always brought him to where he needed to be.

But why did he need to be standing over a dead body? 

He stared at the woman for a long moment, swallowing hard as he stared down at her. What was the point? Why bring him here?

That question was answered when she suddenly bolted up, gasping.

"Whoa! Alright then. That works too."

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For rosetylerthevaliantchild

For rosetylerthevaliantchild

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Hey all, I’ve been having some massive computer/Internet problems lately. I’m working on getting them fixed, but…it’s not easy. Hopefully I’ll be able to do replies this weekend. Sorry.

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AU: The Bad Wolf — (Remake of this, posted on my Doctor roleplaying account originally) The Doctor tried to save Rose from the power of the vortex, but it was too late. The mysterious power warped Rose’s body and mind, driving her insane. When she sets out to destroy the universe, will the Doctor be able to stop her?


AU: The Bad Wolf — (Remake of this, posted on my Doctor roleplaying account originally) The Doctor tried to save Rose from the power of the vortex, but it was too late. The mysterious power warped Rose’s body and mind, driving her insane. When she sets out to destroy the universe, will the Doctor be able to stop her?

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Slavery // thewanderinggood 


With her previous master, she hadn’t been given her own room. If fact, she spent half her time sleeping in a small, cramped cage.

She nodded as he explained the ship, wondering idly what her duties aboard this ship might be. He surely couldn’t be serious in saying that she wasn’t a slave. He had purchased her for a reason, right? Would she cook his meals for him? Make his tea? Rose wondered if she’d have to clean the whole ship— Surely he’d make better with a stable of slaves if that was the case.

Would she be his concubine as well? He seemed like he had too much respect for her for something like that, but even the most kind and gentle of masters got lonely. Maybe she’d grow to love him for his kindness.

A little shred of her former self in the back of her mind reminded her that she already did.

When he opened the door to her room, Rose was dumbstruck. It was gorgeous! And so big! There was pink everywhere, courtesy of the TARDIS, and the bed was large and looked so amazingly comfortable. Much more so than the rags or straw mats she’d been sleeping on. There was an appropriate amount of clutter, with clothes laying about haphazardly. Rose picked up a t-shirt, running her fingers over the soft fabric.

This couldn’t possibly be hers, not this beautiful pink heaven with pictures and mementos from adventures and family hanging on the walls— A photo of her and the Doctor in the 1940’s, a napkin signed by Elvis Presley, a photo of her and the Doctor with their faces smooshed together at Christmas just this past year.

She found herself lost in the photographs, staring at a life she couldn’t remember living. Rose sighed, tracing over her smile in one of the photographs.

"Is that really me?"

The Doctor smiled as he watched Rose explore her room, clearly stunned. He wondered what she’d been sleeping in before that would lead her to be so amazed by this.

"Yeah," he said quietly as he watched her eye the photos. "Yeah, that was you. And me. Together." Together. Had they been together? They had never really defined what their relationship was…

"That was Christmas with your mum. And that one, we went back to the forties. They were so amazed by your digital camera. Oh, and that one there, that’s us with Mickey-boy — he was an…er…an old friend of yours."

He didn’t feel like explaining how Mickey was her ex right then.

"Alright, come on then." He clapped his hands together before taking her hand, pulling her towards the bathroom. "Let’s do this. You take a shower and clean up a bit—" He had a feeling showers had been more of a luxury than a nexesity for slaves on that planet, "I’ll go make us some tea and how about something to eat too? And while we’re eating you can tell me why I can’t take that…collar off."

His eyes found the offensive object, lips tugging into a frown. He wanted that thing off. He had a feeling getting rid of it would go a long way in helping Rose escape this slave mentality.

But first he had to figure out why she was so dead set on keeping it on.

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                                                Hello my old heart.
                                       How is it being [ locked ] away?
                                   Don’t you worry, in there you’re safe.
                                        And it’s true you’ll never beat
                                             but you’ll never BREAK.

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Time Lords at Play 


"I hope it didn’t mess your hair up too badly" she said with a soft laugh and smiled. "Sometimes though you need a bit of a shock to set you back on the right path." She was one to talk as well. There were times not even that didn’t help with here.

Neri smiled to the Doctor and reached up on her tiptoes as best she could to kiss the tip of his nose. “Well if she does, I know exactly what kind of fish should be in there.” Now she was excited and that excitement passed to the twins within who started bouncing about.

"No, my hair was perfectly okay. Thank god." He ruffled said hair, sighing. "I don’t know what I would’ve done if she’d hurt that. She generally knows better though.” His hair was the best part of him, after all. She knew better than to try and mess it up.

He smiled as she kissed his nose. “Maybe we can try and find one after we walk around here? Or save it for tomorrow, perhaps.” They did have a lot of time to kill after all. Especially considering they didn’t leave the TARDIS as much as they used.

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"Twenty and thinking a lot got me into two of the best universities in the world, so…" That sounded cocky. She really wasn’t cocky, but it was the truth and that was that. Why did she need to change just because she was trying to be a decent person to something that was alive? 

She stopped at the console and glanced upwards, eyes following the middle pillar to the ceiling. “Alien’s fine… unless you’re invading. Even then, can’t really complain, can I? I mean…” Her light blue eyes found the Doctor again. “If that whole thing about you saving that Pompeii family is true and I’m related to them, then… I only exist because of you. So… Enjoy your rude but helpful invasion?” 

The Doctor snorted a bit. “Not invading, no. Well, not trying to invade, invasions aren’t really my style. But I guess I do tend to invade on occasion, usually in places I’m not wanted — and despite being helpful that tends to happen quite often, my not being wanted. Shocking I know, but what can you do about it?”

He shifted his eyes to look at the rotor, his expression momentarily shifting, his mind going back a thousand years. “But yeah, I did save that family.” He’d thought about them quite a bit, actually, wondering what they were up to, how the rest of their lives had turned out, if they’d been happy…

It had never occurred to him that he and Donna would become gods to them.

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