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Time Lords at Play 


Neri smiled and looked at the veritable treasure trove of blossoms. The sweet scents filled her nose. It was almost too much for her to handle, but she was thankful for the ability to mentally process the different scents quickly. Though it didn’t stop her from letting out a soft sneeze. 

"I’m glad she is. This place is absolutely paradise! I’d want to spend all my time in here had I known of this place before." She gave his hand a gentle squeeze and looked up at him. "Don’t let me brother know about this place. Him and plants are like me and water. Oooh! That’s what the TARDIS needs. An aquarium. Unless there already is one with a whole bunch of fish and other creatures."

"Bless you," the Doctor said with a smile as he pulled her down the path, looking around. "It doesn’t always look this way, believe me. One time she got really mad at me and I came in here to get away and she struck me with lightning. Not hard mind you, just enough to kind of shock me." He ran a hand through his hair, sighing. "Good times."

He tilted his head at the thought of an aquarium. “Who knows, there might be. I’ve never really gone looking for one before. Or she might just make one for you.”

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Familiar Intruder | Ten & Romana 


"Now that we’re up here, we’re definitely not walking back down right away. We’re stay up here to enjoy the view." Plus the walk up made her tired, but she didn’t want to mention that, she thought she had done enough whining for a while. 

"I wonder what the sunset looks like from up here," she mused, peering over the edge of the railing to look at the sun. It must have been a beautiful sight and she wanted to see it. 

Moving closer to him, she leaned her head on his shoulder as she continued looking at the view below them, amazing at how beautiful it was. 

"Can we stay up here and watch it?"

The Doctor smiled a bit, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. He was tired too, really. That was a long walk. But it had been worth it for this.

"Sure, we can stay and watch it. I don’t have anywhere else to be if you don’t." Wasn’t like there was anyone out there waiting for him.

Nonononono. He shook his head. He didn’t want to think about that.

"It’s kinda cool looking down," the Doctor said as he leaned over, smiling. "Like what the birds see when they’re flying…"

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Storms || thewanderinggod 


The Doctor had always been a great runner. Besides from his lifestyle, his long legs gave the man a leverage when it came to long distance running. His hand clasped around hers, much tighter this time. 

"I don’t need your help!" she hissed. "It’s nothing that I can’t handle. I haven’t need ya in centuries. What makes ya think I’m gonna start now?”

"Because I’m offering you a way to get out of this without hurting anyone else!" He hissed back before the other thing she’d said connected, and his eyes widened.

Centuries? What do you mean centuries?” That didn’t make any sense. Rose hadn’t been alive for centuries. There was no way. It was completely impossible.


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Storms || thewanderinggod 


She jerked her hand out of his grasp and what sounded like a snarl escaped her lips. Her eyes filled with rage. “Y’know, typically I’d love to sit around an’ chat, yeah? But t’day I’ve got ta hunt her down before she gets me hunted down” 

She knew the implication of leaving a witness. The woman would talk. She’d go to the authorities and they’d find his body. And soon enough, Torchwood would be hunting her down like a game. She moved away from him. With each stride she fastened her pace until she was running. 

"No, hang on, wait!"

The Doctor took off after her. Whatever happened, he couldn’t let her hurt another person. He couldn’t let her kill whoever she was looking for. Not if they were innocent. Not if they hadn’t done anything wrong.

He couldn’t let her.

"Rose, wait!”

He grabbed her hand again, tighter this time, refusing to let her go. “Whatever’s happening…I can help, okay? Let me help.”

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Familiar Intruder | Ten & Romana 


"Oh, you’ll be alright." The brunette reached up, booping his nose. She knew her leaning on him gave him a shock, but that was what she had intended on. "It’s not like I actually jumped on you, which I very well could have done. I just decided to be nice to you." 

There was that and she really didn’t feel like tumbling down the stairs. 

As they reached the top, she rushed over to the edge and stood by the railing, looking out into the city. “It’s so beautiful,” she said, amazing by the view. It was much better from the top of the tower, though it was still very beautiful from the bottom as well. “Climbing up was definitely worth it.” 

She held out her hand for him, motioning for him to join her.

"Oh yes, you’re so nice to me,” the Doctor muttered as he shoved his hands into his pockets. “I should be grateful to you for how kind you are for not actually jumping on me.”

It was all in good jest, of course. He wasn’t actually mad. But pouting at her was too much fun.

The Doctor smiled as he watched Romana’s reaction. This was worth it. This was definitely worth it. She was so happy. This had definitely been a good idea.

And the view was amazing.

"Nice," he commented idly as he stepped up next to Romana, smiling.

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Time Lords at Play 


Neri laughed and nodded. “Yeah. I’m sure she will. don’t want to soil the garden now do we?” Oh that would be amusing but also embarrassing as well. Then again, she was with the Doctor and that’s all that mattered. It wasn’t the grand adventures she was used to, but that was something they’d both agreed on. The adventures where they were running for their lives was on hold. He’d go out and continue doing what he did best, which was helping those in trouble and wandering around from place to place. And Neri’d be there waiting for him to come back.

Upon entering the room, she was immediately overwhelmed by the beauty of it. “Wow, there must be every type of flower in here.”

"She must be in a good mood today," the Doctor said with a chuckle as he looked around. The garden room tended to change depending on what the TARDIS’ mood was. If she was in a bad mood it was empty of flowers and generally rather stormy. If she was annoyed at the doctor it was a pear grove.

But today it was overflowing with flowers, the sky a beautiful shade of cerulean blue. There was a low hum in the air — the ship herself — that sounded quite pleasant and content.

The Doctor smiled as he took Neri’s hand, and they started walking down the path the TARDIS had carved out for them.

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Storms || thewanderinggod 


She was annoyed. He wanted to know. He had to ask, had to find out what happened and had to assumed that she was the victim. Rose rolled her eyes and sighed. “No. He was annoyin’.”

Didn’t he understand? She told him she wasn’t in the moods. That meant no questions. He should’ve turned and gone back to his TARDIS. Because what he’s about to find out about her was only going to crush him. It would only bring him pain. 

"Now, if you excuse me, I’ve got a girl to hunt down."


The Doctor was bewildered, to say the least. No, Rose wouldn’t hurt someone just because — of course she wouldn’t. That wasn’t the kind of person she was. Even if he had deserved it, she certainly wouldn’t enjoy it.

And she wouldn’t hurt a person just because they were annoying.

"No…Rose, hang on." He grabbed her hand to keep her from walking away. "Please. Talk to me. What’s going on?"

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