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I leave for two days, and Tumblr unfollows a shit ton of people. Like this if you notice I unfollowed you. It was an accident I promise.

Reminder — I know I follow more people than this but I can’t figure out who’s missing.

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I leave for two days, and Tumblr unfollows a shit ton of people. Like this if you notice I unfollowed you. It was an accident I promise.

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Hey all—

coloursofrose asked me to let people know that she’s having computer problems and might not be around for a couple of days. So just a heads up!

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Alright all here’s the deal. I’m moving in five days and I really don’t have a muse for the Doctor anyways, so there won’t be anymore replies until at least August 1st (which is when I get WiFi in my new apartment as long as the installation guy shows up).

So right now I have gallifreyanxromana and atlanteanroyalty (x2) in my drafts. If I owe you let me know and I’ll draft it, and you’ll have your reply some time after the first.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Replies Thursday or Friday. Promise. I’m sorry.

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"That sounds like a good idea love." Neri got to her feet with his help and smiled brightly. She loved gardens, found them peaceful and utterly relaxing. Neri linked her arm with his and smiled to him again. "Lead the way."

He grinned, winding his fingers through hers and tugging her along, through the flowers and and down the path. It was a beautiful place, really, and the Doctor loved coming here when he just needed some peace.

It was a wonderful place, really.


Drafts here are officially done.

If I owe you, hit me up because I don’t know about it.

Return [open]


"I don’t want your money, Doctor.” she was ignoring the voice in the back of her head saying that she needed it. She had no way to pay for any of the doctor’s visits she would need with the baby.

Not to mention all the hospital bills she’d wracked up when she’d been hit by the bloody car. She’d been in for almost a month. It was a wonder she hadn’t lost the baby something the doctors had stressed to her. She was supposed to take it easy and come in for routine visits to make sure the stress on her body wasn’t affecting the fetus.

She was surprised by his comments that she would always be a part of his life. He was doing a damn good job at his little facade of trying to make her believe he’d had no part in this. He really was. She was still too angry to believe it though.

Mostly, she was still too hurt.

She had put all her faith in the Doctor for so long. He’d saved her so many times before. He’d shown her the world, taught her how to properly live. She wasn’t a 19 year old shop girl anymore. She’d had purpose. 

When she’d been taken, she’d believed with her whole heart that the Doctor would come for her. Of course he would. He loved her, after all. That was what you did for the people you loved. You protected them. So why did she have any reason to believe that he wouldn’t come for her?

Then days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, and months turned to years. Slowly she had started to lose faith. At one point, she thought that the Master would kill her all together. She still wasn’t so sure that he wouldn’t have if Lucy hadn’t gotten her out.

What bothered her the most about him saying that he missed her, though, was that despite all of this, she still missed him too. She missed the traveling, she missed her room in the TARDIS, she missed all the fun planets they’d gone to together.

It didn’t outweigh the anger, though. And yet, she still couldn’t force herself to turn away from him. 


"Then what?" He asked desperately.

Because he was desperate. He wanted to do something for her. Something to make this all easier on her. Something to take some kind of pressure off of her — and he knew there had to be a lot of that.

"I will do anything short of messing with fixed points that can’t be tampered with." And honestly, he would do that even if there were some way to prevent it from causing the destruction of the entire universe. He wasn’t really against the act itself. Just the consequences.

"Just name it."

He hated this. So much. If he had known — god if he’d known. He would’ve stormed wherever she was being held hostage without a second thought, he would have ripped the Master apart limb from limb, history be damned, he would have killed him, and he would have taken Rose away, and he would have nursed her back to health the way she needed to be, the way she deserved to be.

He never would have left him there.

And it killed him that she thought he would.

But he couldn’t focus on that now.

If she had asked, he would have let her back on the TARDIS without a second thought. Even if she wanted nothing to do with him — even if it was just because she needed a roof over her head, and she never wanted to see him, he would have done it. It was possible, after all, the TARDIS was huge. They could have avoided each other for years and years.

He would have done it.

He would have done anything for her.

Empty (tw) || thewanderinggod


Azalea nodded. That was something she had to remember, she had to keep telling herself. He was here because he wanted to be, not because he felt obligated to be. She had been drinking the tea and the mug was about half empty by now.

It was getting hard to keep her eyes open and she put the tea down on the bedside table, blinking slowly. She wasn’t really paying much attention to him anymore, she was just suddenly overcome by exhaustion. She half-fell half-laid down on the bed. “Did…you put….somethin’ in the-the……tea?” She mumbled the question, her eyes drifting shut as she fell asleep next to him, sideways on the bed.

A small smile pulled at his lips as he reached out, carefully maneuvering her so she was under the covers and tucking her in gently. “This’ll help you sleep without dreaming,” he assured her in a whisper, even though he was fairly certain she was out. That had hit her faster than he’d expected it to.

"You just relax and sleep, and you’ll feel better when you wake up." That was the beauty of the herbs he’d given her — they were all natural, and they’d work through her system and she’d be perfect fine when she woke up. And well rested at that, which was the ultimate goal here.  Getting her to get some sleep.